Amnesty International Demands Immediate Release of Women's Rights Activists

Friday, 11/17/2023

Amnesty International expressed concern over the "arbitrary arrest" of Parisa Azada, a women's rights activist, and demanded her immediate and unconditional release from the Taliban prison.

On Friday, the organisation also demanded the release of other women’s rights activists including Manizha Siddiqi, Zhulia Parsi, Nida Parwani, and university professor Rasoul Parsi,

Parisa Azada was arrested on Wednesday by the Taliban intelligence agency in Dashte Barchi area of Kabul.

The Taliban officials have not commented on the motive behind Azada’s detention.

Amnesty International has warned that the continuation of severe Taliban restrictions and crackdown on women's and girls' rights can amount to crimes against humanity and gender persecution.

Amnesty International has once again called for the formation of an independent international mechanism to hold the Taliban accountable.

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