Iranian Envoy Advocates For Inclusive Afghan Government

Saturday, 05/25/2024

Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the special representative of Iran for Afghanistan, emphasised on the need to form an Afghan government that includes representatives from all ethnicities.

Speaking to Afghan expatriates in Qom city, Qomi highlighted the importance of recognising Afghanistan’s diverse realities.

At a memorial for Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, who perished in a helicopter crash, Qomi reiterated, “Afghanistan belongs to all its citizens, and if we wish to avoid reverting to the Bonn Agreement conditions, we must be vigilant.”

Qomi, who is also responsible for overseeing the Iranian embassy in Kabul, noted Iran’s ongoing dialogue with the Taliban, coupled with strategic advice to the group’s leaders.
He stated, “A government formed with capable individuals from all ethnic groups could be the key to political stability and the initiation of Afghanistan’s reconstruction—a policy that the Islamic Republic ardently supports.”

Additionally, Qomi accused the United States of perpetuating destabilising and interventionist policies in Afghanistan, labelling ISIS as a US project. He remarked, “Today, the Americans are more malicious in Afghanistan than ever before.”

He concluded by pointing out that the Afghan people bear the costs of America’s aggressive policies in the region.

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