Former Football Federation Chief, Accused of Sexual Assault, Meets Taliban Governor

Monday, 05/27/2024

Keramuddin Keram, the former head of Afghanistan's Football Federation, found guilty of sexual assault by the previous government's prosecutor's office, has met the Taliban’s governor in Panjshir.

Previously accused of sexually assaulting girls in his office, he fled to Panjshir during the tenure of the former government.

Unable to be apprehended by the forces of the previous government, Keram has now resurfaced, openly praising the work of the Taliban governor. The meeting also included former Finance Minister Omar Zakhilwal.

Keram lauded the Taliban's victory as a "source of pride for the people”. The discussions between Keram and Zakhilwal focused on "ensuring security and comfort in Panjshir" and "supporting the stability" of the Taliban's rule.

As per Bakhtar News Agency, the duo asserted that Panjshir's residents are content with the Taliban's governance. During his meeting with Mohammad Agha Hakim, the Taliban’s governor of Panjshir, Zakhilwal refuted external criticisms of the regime, stating, "The allegations abroad against the Islamic Emirate vastly differ from reality."

Zakhilwal further commented, "With the establishment of the Islamic regime, a genuine atmosphere of comfort has emerged in Afghanistan, especially in Panjshir, unseen in past times."

Zakhilwal urged former high-ranking officials not to be misled by foreigners and to return to Afghanistan. During a previous interview with Afghanistan International, he had criticised the increase in corruption under the Taliban, labelling the government as "illegitimate and non-national”.

Keram, who also served as Panjshir's governor under the previous administration, praised the Taliban’s governance as a pride not only for Afghanistan, but for all Islamic governments.

He expressed commitment to "unceasingly support and bolster the foundations of the Islamic system [Taliban]”. The Taliban governor highlighted the presence of these former officials as proof of security provision in the country, especially Panjshir, noting, "We hold no enmity with anyone; the past is the past."

In 2019, Afghanistan's Attorney General convicted Keram and seven others of sexually abusing female football players and other charges like sexual assault and harassment, abuse of authority, and concealing crimes.

After the verdict, Keram escaped to Panjshir and failed to respond in court. Previously, some Panjshir residents accused him of facilitating the Taliban's entry into the region and the defeat of the resistance in September 2020.

Now, Keram asserts that he is living in Afghanistan without any issues, alongside his family and relatives.

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