Treat Disabled Fighters Abroad If It Is Not Possible in Afghanistan, Says Haqqani

Tuesday, 08/09/2022

Sirajuddin Haqqani, Taliban's Interior Minister, has ordered relevant government organisations to treat the injured and differently-abled Taliban fighters outside Afghanistan, if they can’t be treated inside the country.

Haqqani, who is currently in Helmand to meet local Taliban officials, met with the group’s fighters who had been injured or disabled during the Taliban insurgency against the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and international forces.

It has been reported that Haqqani left Kabul after the US drone strike on the al-Qaeda leader's residence in Sherpur area of the capital city, last Sunday.

During the twenty years of Taliban’s insurgency against the international forces and the former government of Afghanistan, thousands of people have been injured, and many were left disabled.

The Taliban and the Haqqani network, along with other militant groups, have been one of the main causes of Afghans becoming disabled.

Taliban currently faces economic challenges and a crisis of legitimacy coupled with providing support and services to thousands of victims of the group's war in Afghanistan.

The group’s main challenge is meeting the expectations of those families who sent their children to the war front to fight against the former Afghan government and its international allies for the Taliban.

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