Gave Sacrifices to Prove Loyalty to Afghan Taliban, Says TTP

Thursday, 09/01/2022

The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) announced that the group has fought foreign forces along with the Afghan Taliban.

In a statement, TTP stressed that many suicide attackers of the group had been killed in the war in Afghanistan to prove the group’s loyalty to the Taliban.

TTP congratulated the Taliban on the first anniversary of the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan.

TTP has emphasised that it will prove its loyalty to the Afghan Taliban in the future too. TTP and the Afghan Taliban enjoy a close relationship. After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the Pakistani Taliban also increased its attacks against the Pakistani government, especially the Pakistan army.

According to reports, after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the senior leaders of the TTP have been stationed in Afghanistan. Over the past year, the Afghan Taliban has hosted peace talks between the Pakistani authorities and the TTP.

The TTP recently announced that it will establish an "Islamic Emirate" across the border region with Afghanistan.

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