UNESCO Launches Educational Programme for 25,000 Afghans

Wednesday, 09/07/2022

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) is launching an educational programme for 25000 Afghans, said Patricia McPhillips, the representative in Afghanistan.

Stressing that millions of Afghans have been deprived of literacy, McPhillips added, "We have an opportunity to increase the literacy rate of Afghans. To educate Afghans, everyone's efforts is needed.”

In a conference held in Kabul and attended by Taliban officials, the UNESCO representative emphasised that a literate population reduces poverty in society.

UNESCO commemorated the International Literacy Day in Kabul even as schools for secondary education for Afghan girls remain closed across Afghanistan.

During the UNESCO conference, Sadruddin Sadr, the director of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Ministry of Education of the Taliban, claimed that the group values education. However, he did not comment on the closure of girls’ schools for secondary education.

Sadr claimed that many schools have been destroyed in Afghanistan and asked the international community to support Afghanistan's educational system.

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