Taliban Official Says ‘Dostum Can’t Live in Afghanistan Without Foreign Support’


A Taliban official has said that former vice-president Abdul Rashid Dostum is the only marshal who can’t live in his country without foreign support.

Inamullah Samangani, head of the Government Media Information Center, responded to Dostum’s remarks about defeating the Taliban.

Dostum had said on Tuesday that if anti-Taliban resistance groups receive support from the world, the Taliban government will be overthrown within two weeks.

Marshal Dostum, who is a member of the Supreme Council of the National Resistance Front for Salvation of Afghanistan, had also said that after overthrowing the Taliban regime, a decentralised political system will be established in the country.

Marshal Dostum addressed other members of the council and said that they “will overthrow the Taliban again”.

Except for Samangani, the Taliban have not officially responded to Dostum's remarks.

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