We Will Build Religious Madrassas Every Week, Says Taliban

Monday, 05/29/2023

On Monday, Taliban’s governor office in Balkh, announced that the group will build a religious madrassa every week in this province.

According to the Taliban’s statement, construction of a madrassa named “Omar Salis” had started on Monday.

Last year, the Taliban had announced that they will build three to 10 religious madrassas in every district.

In this statement, Abdul Jalil Shahidkhil, Taliban’s head of education directorate in Balkh, said that after the takeover of the Taliban, the officials of this group and businessmen have tried to take practical steps towards the construction of religious schools.

After the takeover of power by Taliban in August 2021, the group has started to establish religious madrassas all over Afghanistan.

Taliban named some of these madrassas as “Jihadi Madrassas” wherein in addition to religious studies, military training is also being taught.

Some criticised that Taliban is not only expanding extremism through these madrassas, but also changing them into their militias’ training centers.

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