In Order To Survive, Taliban Must Form Inclusive Government, Says Iranian MP

Thursday, 06/01/2023

li Jadi, a member of parliament of Iran, rejected the Taliban's claim of an inclusive government in Afghanistan and said that such a government cannot be formed by armed forces and coups.

Jadi said that to survive, the Taliban has no choice, but to form an inclusive government.

According to this Iranian MP, there are no characteristics of an inclusive government in the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan.

However, Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, the Acting Prime Minister of the Taliban, has repeatedly claimed that the group has formed an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

The Iranian MP said that inclusive governments are formed by people’s participation and through elections, where various political parties come together and reach an agreement.

According to him, the Taliban government has not been a democratically elected government and there is no consensus among political parties about the group’s government.

Jadi said that the Taliban’s government had been formed through a coup and therefore, the senior officials of this group cannot claim that they have formed an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

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