Iranian Senior Security Official Expresses Readiness To Train Taliban Border Guards

Saturday, 06/03/2023

Qasim Rezaei, the Deputy Chief of Police of Iran, said that Iran is ready to train to Taliban border forces in lessons of border protocols.

Rezaei added that Tehran has announced its readiness for the training, but the Taliban forces have not shown up for it so far.

In an interview with Mehr news agency, Rezaei also criticised the Taliban member’s unofficial clothing and said, "Taliban border guards must wear uniforms and adhere to international laws."

To prevent border tension between Iran and the Taliban, Rezaei demanded meetings, negotiations, and even simultaneous and joint patrols between the forces of the group and the Iranian border guards.

The deputy chief of Iranian police said that the forces of this country have good relations with Pakistani border guards on the joint border with Pakistan, but they are facing problems on the borders with Afghanistan.

He also said, "Before the Taliban came to power, we had communication with the border guards of the previous government, and we almost jointly managed the border. Although there were problems, they [Afghan border forces] were responsive."

Rezaei added that after the Taliban came to power, despite holding meetings with the officials of this group in Tehran, Kabul, and at the borders, there are still problems because according to him, the Taliban forces are not responsible at the border.

"Their people change, they're inexperienced and they've taken unconventional actions and they shoot without purpose," he said.

The senior police official of Iran expressed these statements after the tension between the Taliban and Iranian forces in Kang district of Nimroz province, as a result of which a Taliban fighter and two Iranian border guards had been killed.

After the Kang border skirmish, both sides deployed forces on the Islam Qala border, however, there has not been any further conflict.

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