Nearly 250 Afghan Refugees Arrested In 2 Cities of Pakistan, Says Taliban

Thursday, 06/08/2023

The Taliban-controlled Afghanistan embassy in Islamabad announced that nearly 250 Afghan refugees have been arrested in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and its surroundings.

The embassy said that refugees who had legal documents had also been arrested.

The Afghan embassy added that “arresting Afghan refugees by the Pakistani police has been ongoing”.

A video clip documented by an Afghan refugee, shows Pakistani police around a residential building. According to the video clip, the police had come to the area to "arrest Afghans without visas".

Also, several refugees complained that their families were not informed about the fate of their relatives who were detained by the Pakistani police. One of the refugees allegedly claimed that an Afghan refugee was released after bribing the police.

On Wednesday, Taliban’s representative in Islamabad asked Pakistani government to stop arresting Afghan refugees.

Apparently, these Afghan refugees have been arrested by Pakistan anti-terrorism forces for not having legal documents.

Afghanistan embassy in Pakistan said that their representatives met with police officials so that the situation of these refugees can be determined as soon as possible, and they can be released from Pakistani detention centers.

Earlier, the police of Pakistan responded to Afghanistan International and confirmed the arrest of 175 Afghans who had been transferred to a prison in Rawalpindi.

After the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, hundreds of Afghans, including officials and former government employees entered Pakistan to escape the Taliban’s persecution.

They have repeatedly expressed their concern over their unclear legal and residence status and the possibility of being arrested by the Pakistani police.

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