Saudi Crown Prince Holds Annual Meet With Senior Officials on Hajj Trip

Friday, 06/30/2023

The Saudi Press Agency reported on Thursday that Mohammed bin Salman held the annual meeting with presidents and foreign officials who performed Hajj this year.

The Taliban released a photo of what appears to be a public reception by Bin Salman, saying that Mullah Yaqoob met the Saudi Crown Prince.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, among high-ranking foreign officials, the Saudi Crown Prince hosted the King of Malaysia, and the presidents of Pakistan, Senegal, and Bangladesh and shook hands with them.

Meanwhile, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid posted a photo of a handshake of the Taliban defence minister with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia on Twitter and said that Mullah Yaqoob "met with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, during the Hajj trip”.

It is not clear whether the Taliban's defence minister was invited to Bin Salman's annual meet or not. The Saudi Press Agency did not mention details about the participation of the Taliban officials at the reception too.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most powerful Islamic countries which has not yet recognised the Taliban government. However, it seems that the Taliban spokesperson wanted to show that the group's defence minister was received in Saudi Arabia like other foreign officials by publishing the photo of Mullah Yaqoob shaking hands with Mohammed Bin Salman.

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