US Refutes Claims of Reopening Consulate In Kabul

Friday, 02/02/2024

The US Embassy for Afghanistan, based in Doha, has refuted recent reports regarding the reopening of its consulate in Afghanistan.

An embassy spokesperson informed Afghanistan International that the US position on Afghanistan remains consistent, with no immediate plans to recommence diplomatic operations in Kabul.

Earlier, Voice of America's English division reported that the US was tentatively exploring the option of reopening its consulate in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, without formally recognising the regime. According to this report, the consideration was mentioned in a recent strategic document by the US State Department.

The report had indicated that such a move could signal a potential alteration in US strategy for engaging with the Taliban, aimed at fulfilling multiple security, political, and economic goals.

Nonetheless, the US Embassy in Doha emphasised to Afghanistan International that there has been no alteration in the United States' approach towards Taliban-governed Afghanistan.

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