AFF Accuses Taliban Of Torture & Killing Ex-Security Forces On Occasion Of Soldier’s Day

Wednesday, 02/28/2024

On the occasion of National Soldier’s Day, Afghanistan Freedom Front (AFF) said that the Taliban subjected former security forces throughout Afghanistan to “the most severe forms of torture, killing, imprisonment, exile, and forced migration”.

The front asked people to support former Afghan security forces against the Taliban.

The former government of Afghanistan designated February 29 as "National Soldier's Day" to express appreciation for the soldiers and security and defence forces.

"Afghanistan has been handed over to the Taliban through a disgraceful multilateral agreement," stated AFF in its statement.

In its statement, the front asked the citizens of Afghanistan not to "hesitate in making conscious and responsible efforts to shorten the duration of Taliban tyranny and dismantle the illegitimate and hellish rule of this malevolent group from our sacred land”.

On the other hand, Rahmatullah Nabil, the former Chief of Intelligence of Afghanistan, expressed gratitude for the sacrifices made by the former security forces of Afghanistan on this day, sharing his appreciation on X social media platform.

Following the takeover of power by the Taliban in August 2021, a "general amnesty" was declared in a decree attributed to the group's leader. However, subsequent to that, numerous reports have emerged detailing arrests, torture, and deaths of former soldiers.

Previously, the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner remarked that despite the Taliban's declaration of a general amnesty, there are ongoing instances of extra-judicial killings, torture, and arbitrary detentions in Afghanistan.

Additionally, UNAMA reported last year that the Taliban continues detaining and killing former employees and security forces.

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