Taliban Court May Prosecute Afghan Media Outlets Running Operations From Abroad

Monday, 01/02/2023

The Taliban courts will soon issue its verdict regarding the fate of media organisations whose executives have fled Afghanistan and operate the outlet from outside the country.

Abdul Haq Hemad, director of media assessment at the Taliban’s ministry of information and culture, has accused such media outlets of spreading propaganda against the group.

Hemad said, "A decision has been made regarding these media outlets. The matter has been in the court and it is expected that the court's decision will be announced in a few days."

Hemad stressed that according to the laws of Afghanistan, someone who works in the media sector in the country must be stationed inside Afghanistan. "No law allows the executives of the media outlet to operate from outside and promote propaganda against the regime," he added.

The Taliban official said that there are 165 radio stations and 55 TV stations operating in Afghanistan, and after the group took control of Afghanistan in 2021, 24 new media outlets have been established in the country.

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